Welcome to DC Time Square ... welcome home.

Up there, in one of Lebanon’s most beautiful mountain towns, stands DC Time Square, a
newly developed residential and commercial project on a generous allocation of 2,400sqm of
beautifully landscaped green space.
Here, you are choosing a luxurious environment and a sense of wellbeing, with all the amenities
necessary to making your life on premises one of absolute serenity.

Dhour El Choueir

This is where generations have lived and created memories that are anchored within many
A village that was so loved it became a city, Dhour El Choueir is still marked by the laughter
of young girls playing in the garden before their grandparent›s big stone house… the heartwarming
sound of children spending their summer vacation around the square, ringing their
bicycle bells to warn the passing adults of a new generation growing up.
As time flew, it seems that time itself has chosen to stop for a while in Dhour El Chweir, just
enough for us to enjoy the magic of every moment.

The Location

At the heart of the magnificent well-preserved village of Dhour El Choueir, 3 luxurious buildings
stand in a prime location on one of the village’s two roundabouts, which shall be recognized
as the “Clock Tower Roundabout”.
With an easy access to various major locations, it’s the ideal spot for your family to settle in.

Technical Specifications

A. Architectural

1. Main Entrance, living, Dining & Balconies

  • Floor: polished dishar stone 2*75*75cm thick
  • Skirting: polished dishar stone skirting 2*8cm polished edge
  • Walls: plaster and emulsion paint
  • Ceiling: gypsum board where needed & emulsion paint
  • Block A&B: ALL Dishar flooring
  • Block C: Bianco P. And the rest in Dishar

2. Bedroom and corridor:

  • Floor: polished dishar stone 2*30*60cm thick
  • Skirting: polished dishar stone skirting 2*8cm polished edge
  • Walls: plaster and emulsion paint
  • Ceiling: gypsum board where needed & emulsion paint

3. Kitchen:

  • Floors: polished ceramics 2*60*60cm thick
  • Walls: plaster and oil paint
  • Ceiling: gypsum board or MDF and oil paint
  • Kitchen cabinets: European millennium 19mm thick with thick edge
  • Kitchen counter top and splash back: polished granite top and backsplash

4. Bathrooms:

  • Floor: polished dishar stone 2*30*60cm Thick & 2*25*50cm thick, Botticino
  • Walls: polished dishar stone 2*30*60cm thick & 2*25*50cm thick, Pentelico
  • Ceiling: gypsum board or MDF and oil paint, Dishar
  • Sanitary and fixtures: imported sanitary and fixtures, Statuario
  • Vanity tops: dishar stone vanity top, Carrara
    WC marble

5. Wood work:

  • Entrance door: solid wood
  • Internal door: solid wood
  • Hardware: Anti corrosion stainless steel hardware comprising hinges, locks, levers and door stops
  • Closets: MDF wood veneered

6. External finishes:

  • External doors and windows: aluminum, double- glazing
  • Facades: all exposed facades shall be in stone cladding, Dichar stone is 3cm thick mechanically fixed
  • Main building entrances, passages: stone tiling and cladding where necessary
  • Balustrades: cast iron

7. Landscaping:

  • All external areas, passages and walkways will be landscaped with grass and trees where needed (Post Tension concrete)
B. Electromechanical

1. Heating systems:

Central heating boiler system for each apartment (Biasi Boilers, Italy)

2. Hot water:
Central electrical heating system for each apartment

3. Plumbing:
• For cold& hot water: polypropylene steel pipe in circulation areas, common areas, and technical areas
• For heating: polypropylene pipes
• For cold & hot water under tiles inside the wall: polypropylene pipes
• For sewage and rain water drainage pipes: UPVC pipes
• 70 m70 + 3 m3 water tanks, 3 main water pumps

4. Electrical:
• One backup sound proof generator
• Final branch distribution boards,panels “Merlin Gerin” or approved equal
• Power outlets and devices “ Legrand” or approved equal
• The lighting and parking areas is controlled by motion detectors as well as remote push bottoms
• Videophone system to each apartment
• Lifts shall be “ Mitsulift” or equivalent

C. General

Design is in accordance with ACI standards building requirements for reinforcement concrete 9aci 99-318) to withstand seismic
constraints in accordance with applicable regulations:
Roof & terraces: the flat roof areas are sloped down to drain by means of screeds and are covered with waterproofing
membranes. Wet areas shall receive adequate waterproofing. The basements shall be protected by means of waterproofing
membrane system
The external walls: comprise double concrete masonry walls with extruded polystyrene insulation in between in order to provide
the best thermal protection possible.


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Total Area 130 SQM
Total Area 130 SQM
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